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tokyo fever!
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06.20.10 - [Premise]
13 million people. Almost 6,000 per square kilometer. In this mass of people, where do you stand in the Tokyo metropolis? To the gariben on his way to cram school to the OLs on their way to a group date, the city is an ever-shifting place of new faces and new meetings. Tokyo itself is a mix of the traditional to the modern.

Won't you come and explore? The city awaits your presence.

tokyofever is a more realistic AU RPG game, focusing on the people that live, or visit, Tokyo, Japan. You can be anything you want, anything you can dream of. A pop singer with millions of fans? You can be that. A homeless drifter trying to make enough change to get a bite to eat? You can be that. A housewife with two kids? You can be that. Let your imagination run wild with the people of Tokyo- you won't regret it.
06.20.10 - [Rules]
1. Have fun, and play nice. Remember that you make the community fun for everyone!

2. Remember that this community is AU, but it is a realistic AU.

3. All Asian and other nationality muses are welcome!

4. All muses must be above the age of 16.

5. The character limit for each mun is three (3).

6.. OOC is separate from IC! This is incredibly important. Please remember this when dealing with your fellow muses and muns.

7. Activity checks will be conducted on the main community once per calendar month. Each muse will be required to respond individually.

8. Please make a separate username for your Livejournal account - cross-claiming is confusing and annoying for everyone involved.

9. Every muse must have an AIM account. Cross-claiming with AIM accounts is allowed, but not encouraged.

10. Character death is expressly forbidden, as are plots that result in muse death or otherwise contradict community rules.

11. Godmodding, metagaming, and powerplay are expressly forbidden.
06.20.10 - [Applications]
Note: Please check the claims & holds list first to make sure that your muse has not already been claimed or held.

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Muse Information

BACKGROUND: (Does not need to be a novel)
PERSONALITY: (Does not need to be long, a few bullet points will suffice)

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